We are cetotec

Cetotec is an engineering company acting globally and specialized in services for the vinegar and yeast industry. We supply advanced and customized plants from lab scale to industrial scale, equipment, alcohol sensors, nutrients, filtration systems and reliable and safe process control for several applications.

Our Base

At our base in the town of Bad Honnef, Germany, we concentrate on Production and Research & Development. Each employee of Cetotec is an expert in his or her field. We delegate responsibility and decisions, allowing our workers to be inspired and follow their passions. We strive for an openminded and laid-back work culture; it‘s good for productivity and creates an environment in which ideas become reality.

Technology & Partnership

Today CETOTEC is the world market leader in the vinegar industry.  We believe that the right people, exposed to inspiring partnerships and innovative technology, will also create something special. These collaborations are essential to bringing the vinegar industry forward. CETOTEC was founded in 1996, and has established itself as a driving force for development and process optimization in vinegar technology.  Our fermenters, measurement and filtration systems, as well as process technology are used on every continent.
But that doesn’t mean we’ve lost the strengths inherent in a small, family-owned business: we are proud and ambitious when it comes to the quality and development of our products; we have the experience that our clients can trust; and we know how to provide effective, solution-oriented assistance.

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