Company profile

CETOTEC is an engineering company acting globally and specialized in services for the vinegar and yeast industry. We supply advanced and customized plants from lab scale to industrial scale, equipment, alcohol sensors, nutrients, filtration systems and reliable and safe process control for several applications.

Innovative Technology

Cetotec is the most innovative Research and Development power in today’s vinegar industry. Our latest developments respectively optimizations are proof for our ability and outstanding motivation to push the boundaries in innovation and advancement of global vinegar technology.

Cetotec has established an outstanding position as the most reliable partner for the global vinegar industry. All major vinegar producers in Europe as well as in other parts of the world successfully apply Cetotec technology and nutrients.

Our strengths:

  • High performance aerator for the largest Fermenter worldwide: F1400 with 132kW motor and production of 25 Mio l of vinegar 10% per year
  • Optimized PLC (Siemens and Allen Bradley) Fed-batch program for constant high-strength vinegar production of >20%
  • Foam system – energy saving due to special design and foam pump with 1,5 kW motor
  • ALCOCONTROL – reliable and simple to handle alcohol measurement system
  • Focus on innovation: New developments like ACETOLINE / ACETOSCAN – on-line and laboratory NIR measurement of alcohol and acetic acid
  • New data logging technology for filtration units via Ethernet
  • For our aerator and pumps, we are using new motor generations according to the latest standards for energy saving
  • Toll manufacturing of high quality stainless steel compounds at our partner companies Wilsberg Metalltechnik und WWW Zerspanung

Dr. Sylvia Sellmer-Wilsberg

Dr. Sylvia Sellmer-Wilsberg

Dr. Sylvia Sellmer-Wilsberg, after her studies in nutritional sciences, produced her thesis “Characterization of Acetobacter strains and Bacteriophages in industrial vinegar fermentations“. After several years of experience in Research & Development as well as Sales & Marketing in the vinegar fermentation industry, Dr. Sylvia Sellmer-Wilsberg founded Cetotec together with Hans-Werner Wilsberg in 1996.

„Living organisms promptly react to environmental influences, to know and control these is the key to a high production performance“

Dr. Sylvia Sellmer-Wilsberg published numerous articles in the area of vinegar fermentation, methods of analysis, microbiology and filtration and therefore is one of the most knowledgable specialists worldwide in the field of vinegar technology.

Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Werner Wilsberg

Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Werner Wilsberg

Hans-Werner Wilsberg, being a machine engineer by training, started his career in agricultural machinery. After several years of experience as Head of Research & Development in the vinegar fermentation industry, Hans-Werner Wilsberg founded Cetotec together with Dr. Sylvia Sellmer-Wilsberg in 1996.

„Vinegar fermentation has a large potential when it comes to technical optimizations as well as technological developments“

In the year 2000, Hans-Werner Wilsberg together with his brother Klaus Wilsberg also founded the metal processing company Wilsberg Metalltechnik. In the year 2010, WWW Zerspanung was founded in order to optimally complement the portfolio with high quality turned and milled parts, both companies being suppliers of high quality components for Cetotec.

Hans-Werner Wilsberg develops patents as well as numerous innovative applications and machinery for fermentation technology and is one of the world’s leading specialists in machine engineering for the vinegar and yeast industry.