Services of Cetotec include engineering consultancy, project management, process and engineering design, realisation as well as the assembly and start-up of complete fermentation facilities. The training of your employees is part of our offer, just like our after-sales-service.


  • Feasibility analysis
  • General technical studies


  • Installation and start-up
  • Maintenance of existing equipment / plants
  • Repair and maintenance of alcohol sensors / alcohol measuring devices
  • Planning of new vinegar plants, Reconstruction of existing vinegar plants
  • Design, layout, flow sheet, planning of capacity required, calculation of consumption¬†
    figures, detail drawings (piping schemes, etc.)
  • Modernisation of existing vinegar plants, automation of the production process

Process Engineering:

  • Consultancy and fault analysis in fermentation processes
  • Process development and optimization


  • Professional training for vinegar brewers
  • Technical training on vinegar fermentation in our laboratory facilities

Laboratory Analysis:

  • Analysis of raw material
  • Analysis of vinegar
  • Microbiological analysis