Vinegar filtration

Crossflow Filter
for vinegar concentrate
Crossflow filtration system for concentrate

Crossflow Filtration of concentrate

The Cetotec CBK model, specifically designed for the filtration of concentrated liquids, is the ideal complement to the Cetotec Crossflow filtration systems.


The CBK Microfiltration systems are designed for the filtration of highly concentrated vinegar liquids, based on customer requirements it can be delivered from 150-300 l/h. An automatic backflush system with pressurized air combined with a simple and efficient cleaning procedure enables a smooth filtration. Equipped with an integrated process control, the fully automized filtration systems are high performance partners in a compact space.


Cross flow filtration involves mainly micro-porous hollow fiber membranes. The raw vinegar is conducted at high speed diagonally to the membrane surface thus preventing the spontaneous formation of a coating. The constant flow ensures a clean surface of the membrane which is essential for a high, stable filtration performance.


  • All parts necessary for filtration are efficiently arranged in a compact space
  • Reliable and fully automized process control
  • Modules with larger capillary diameter specifically for concentrate
TypeNo. of modulesFilter surface m²Capillary diameter
CBK0113,72,7 mm
CBK0227,42,7 mm