SF100 Speciality Vinegar Fermenter

Cetotec delivers speciality vinegar fermenters for smaller production quantities up to 1500l working volume as well as laboratory scale. High-value delicacy vinegar from i.e. fruit, wine, herbs or honey can be optimally produced in these kind of fermenters.

Producing high quality speciality vinegar products

Technological leading engineering for the optimal construction of your vinegar fermenter

High performance aerator design for vinegar production

Innovative alcohol and acidity measurement systems

State-of-the-art Siemens PLC control with well-proven software


The fermentation of speciality vinegars is subject to specific challenges, for example the maximum utilization of high quality raw materials is of utmost importance. Based on customer demands and requirements, Cetotec develops and builds the optimal fermenters for the production of all kinds of vinegars and volumes.


The Cetotec speciality vinegar fermenter consists of the following main components:

  • High quality stainless steel tank with cooling coil
  • Aeration system
  • SIEMENS PLC – process control
  • Stainless steel pumps
  • Sensors (filling level, temperature, alcohol volume)
  • Optional: Alcocontrol system for the on-line alcohol measurement

Available Sizes






Volume [I][l 10% / year]Volume [US gal][US gal 10% / year]

Matching answers for the usual questions

How do I determine the fermenter size that I need for my production?

Please use our configurator as a help for defining the size you need for a certain annual production volume as well as percentage of acidity.

Which process is used for making speciality vinegar?

Semi-batch process is used for low strength alcohol / wine / fruit vinegars <15% acidity; fed-batch process for high strength alcohol vinegar >16% up to more than 22% acidity.

We provide made to measure equipment.

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Special Fermenter SF6

Our recommendation:

Fermenter and Aerator sizeSF6

Volume of vinegar in liters per year (10%)0

Type of nutrientsNutracet complete

Amount of nutrients in kilograms0

Special Fermenter SF6

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  • SF6 0 liter
  • Nutracet complete 0 kg

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