Simultaneous on-line measurement of ethanol and acetic acid concentration in less than a minute!

The ideal completion to your process control

Easy installation beside the fermenter and integrated into a PLC for precise production control

Simultaneous measurement of alcohol and acetic acid concentration via an automated sample taking process in less than 1 minute!

Sampling interval freely selectable – can be triggered by the PLC

Optimal control of the fed-batch process for producing alcohol vinegar with more than 20% acidity


ACETOLINE is a worldwide unique NIR system capable of measuring acetic acid and alcohol concentration simultaneously and reliably in vinegar production. The new device significantly simplifies the routine analysis in the production of vinegar. In only one step, on-line during the production process, the alcohol and acetic acid concentration of your vinegar sample is determined precisely and fast. Consequently, the production process is monitored closely, as the two most important production parameters can be easily determined automatically.


ACETOLINE is based on NIR spectroscopy. Almost every substance has a spectral “fingerprint” which is generated by the adsorption of the penetrating light and thereby weakened in a characteristic way. These fingerprints can be used to identify substances and to quantify the concentration in a mixture of substances without any cross-sensitivity. The penetrating light impinges on a sensor array and is evaluated on the basis of neural networks.

Measurement Range

0 – 20% Ethanol

0 – 25% Acetic acid

Matching answers for the usual questions

How often does the ACETOLINE need to be calibrated?

The Acetoline needs to be calibrated every 3-6 months.

Which maintenance operations need to be performed regularly?

Both ACETOLINE and ACETOSCAN need to be cleaned every 3 months and will automatically send a reminder for the operator to do so.

We provide made to measure equipment.

Find your fermenter:

Special Fermenter SF6

Our recommendation:

Fermenter and Aerator sizeSF6 (900 l)

Volume of vinegar in liters per year (10%)0 l

Type of nutrientsNutracet complete

Amount of nutrients in kilograms0 kg

Special Fermenter SF6

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  • SF6 0 l
  • Nutracet complete 0 kg

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