On-line alcohol measurement for Vinegar, Kombucha and Yeast fermentation.

The ideal completion to your process control

Easy installation

Long calibration intervals

High accuracy at low concentrations

Short response time


The Cetotec ALCOCONTROL measurement system can be applied in vinegar fermentation, yeast fermentation, brewery as well as other biotechnological fermentation processes. As part of the Cetotec automatization system, the ALCOCONTROL takes care of the reliable analysis of the actual ethanol content during the entire production process. The ALCOCONTROL has been successfully installed in hundreds of vinegar fermenters worldwide.


The ALCOCONTROL determines the alcohol concentration of an aqueous solution. In order to calculate the alcohol concentration, the conductivity of a gas sensor as well as the temperature of the solution is measured. The reliable measurement range of the probe lies between 0,0 und 7 % alcohol. This information can be forwarded to a superordinate system (Process control, control cabinets) and thereby used to control all kinds of different processes. A switch contact is available for the activation of connected equipment or for controlling pumps and valves etc. The evaluation is done via a microcomputer which comes with its own display and key switches for operation.

Available Installation Methods

  • Ø 25mm INGOLD stud, enables to remove the probe when tank is filled
  • Ø 19mm outer diameter – installation for lab fermenter

Matching answers for the usual questions

How often does the Alcocontrol need to be calibrated?

The Alcocontrol needs to be calibrated approx.every 4-6 weeks.

Which maintenance operations need to be performed regularly?

Approx. every 12 months the membrane needs to be changed, for this Cetotec has dedicated spare part kits which are delivered together with the Alcocontrol.

We provide made to measure equipment.

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Special Fermenter SF6

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Fermenter and Aerator sizeSF6 (900 l)

Volume of vinegar in liters per year (10%)0 l

Type of nutrientsNutracet complete

Amount of nutrients in kilograms0 kg

Special Fermenter SF6

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  • SF6 0 l
  • Nutracet complete 0 kg

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