Vinegar Process Control

CETOTEC delivers high quality process control systems for the automization of your vinegar production. Thanks to many years of experience and continous improvements CETOTEC supports companies all over the world when it comes to automization of fed-batch, semi-batch as well as dual stage production processes.

Reliable control of your vinegar production process

Robust control cabinets with reliable Siemens PLC process control

User-friendly interface with 15“ Touch Panel

Trend display in order to trace past batches

Applicable for all production processes

Fully-automized process control in combination with the CETOTEC Acetoline / Alcocontrol system


With the help of a top-notch control software, which has been especially developed for the vinegar industry, CETOTEC’s fully automized process control enables a smooth fermentation process. All important parameters are recorded or calculated in order to optimally support you controlling and analysing your production process.


The Siemens PLC with user-friendly colour display controls the activation of motors, pumps, sensors and the actual process control such as the exact dosing of alcohol, water and nutrients based on a given recipe in the fed-batch process. The fermenter together with the most important parameters are graphically visualized. Operating the software via the touch panel is comprehensive and logically structured thus can be mastered efficiently in a very short time.

Available Versions

  • Ceto-pro – Process control for fed-batch process
  • Ceto-semi – Process control for semi-batch process
  • Ceto-dual – Process control for dual stage process
  • Ceto-Kombucha - Process control for Kombucha process

Matching answers for the usual questions

Is it possible to run a fed-batch fermenter for high strength vinegar production fully automatically?

Yes, with Cetotec process controls and the Acetoline system you can reach more than 20% acidity in the fed-batch process.

Is it possible to automize older fermenters with a new process control?

Yes, this is possible, for this you will need either the Alcocontrol or Acetoline system as well as a new electrical control cabinet incl. PLC and touch panel.

We provide made to measure equipment.

Find your fermenter:

Special Fermenter SF6

Our recommendation:

Fermenter and Aerator sizeSF6 (900 l)

Volume of vinegar in liters per year (10%)0 l

Type of nutrientsNutracet complete

Amount of nutrients in kilograms0 kg

Special Fermenter SF6

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  • SF6 0 l
  • Nutracet complete 0 kg

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